Learn more about the WaveTech Technology

WaveTech is a unique technology we developed in order to block radiation – we’re bringing to underwear the same advanced technology used in space suits (no kidding!). WaveTech is high-tech fabric which incorporates pure silver fibers within the cotton of the bodie.

The silver acts as a faraday cage (or electromagnetic shield), which prevents radiation from reaching your baby. The WaveTech technology has been tested and certified by the MET Laboratory, Baltimore, and we block over 99% of cellphone and Wi-Fi radiation.

The hard part was to manage to integrate the Silver Fiber in the cotton of the bodysuit without losing elasticity or creating a rigid fabric. We wanted to shield your baby, but definitely not to wear armor. It took use months of work and hundreds of prototypes and different fabrics to get it just right, but with WaveTech we finally manage to create a fabric that is even more comfortable than regular bodysuits.

And good news: the silver within our PANDAROO Bodysuits is naturally anti-bacterial, so your baby will stay fresh until the end of the day.