Our technology

Our solution in based on the mechanism of a Faraday box, an enclosure used to block electromagnetic fields. Therefore, such a device can shield its contents from static electric fields. It consists in a perfectly conductive shell: when an electromagnetic field strikes the cage, it produces forces on the electrons contained in the conductor. The electrons respond to the applied field by distributing themselves around the cage’s exterior, and neutralize the interior of the cage.

Our innovative technology WAVESTOPPER uses this principle to shield us from EMRs. Indeed all our fabrics are made of polyamide fibers made conductive thanks to very pure silver suffused onto the polymer. Therefore, our clothes are true Faraday cages that shield your body from 99% of the EMRs whose wavelength varies between 700 and 5000 GHz. Consequently, our products offer you a total protection against phones and WiFi radiations.

In addition to this, the silver yarn frees silver ions that penetrates the membrane of bacterias, destroys their cellular structure and thus prevents them from multiplying. This confers an antibacterial property to our products.

Our patented solution, WaveStopper Technology, has been tested and certified by MET Lab, Baltimore, USA.

It blocks 99,9% of radiation on all the mobile phones and Wi-Fi radiation spectrum (700 MHz to 5000MHz). You can find the certificate delivered by the MET below.