Belly Band

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Our designers worked to deliver the best fit for your belly. Our fabric is really stretch and will fit your belly all along your pregnancy. 

 Our products are produced in Portugal. 



Thanks to the patented and certified WaveStopper Technology, 99,9% of EMF are blocked. Our technology covers all the cell-phones and Wi-FI wave spectrum (700 MHz to 5000 MHz).



The silver fibers in our fabric has anti-bacterial properties. The silver yarn frees silver ions that penetrates the membrane of bacterias, destroys their cellular structure and thus prevents them from multiplying.



Our fabric is really soft. You can wearyour belly band on or under your clothes. 



Machine washable at 30°c : 300+ times.
Do not tumble dry.
Composition: 45% cotton || 35% silver || 20% polyester



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